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What my friend asked: What's Doctor Who about? What I said: It's about an alien named 'The Doctor' who travels though time in a spaceship that looks like a police telephone box, who saves people and other aliens with the help of his companions and a tool

Congrats if you made it past this scene.

THIS is the reason why I usually advise people to start with season go through it all and then go back to season 1 when they've been hooked into obsessive Whovianism.<---you call yourself a whovian! You start on season one. Never skip nine.

Doctor Who episode list for Series jennacolemanfans: “An episode List has already hit the internet ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ ‘The Witch’s Familiar’ ‘The Creeping Dark’

Finally... :D finally someone said that I'm not wierdo when I do this...

The whole world, it loves you if you are a chic chameleon Intersecting circles she could hang with anyone But when conducting business she would lie about where she& from Saying, & is how it is, not how it was&