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two pictures with the same weather and sun, one has a cloud in it while the other has a lightning
Ideenreise: Flashcards/Wordcards "weather"
an orange bulletin board with cars, boats and planes cut out of paper on it
Actividad de transportes: tierra mar y aire
an animal's footprints are shown with pictures of them
four cards with different animals on them sitting next to a bowl full of animal prints
an animal themed letter formation worksheet
Modal – Prehrať – Materiál
the different types of animals and their tracks
Animals Tracks Vector Illustration Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 75531262 | Shutterstock
the different types of animals that are in each animal's body and their tracks
Survival Meerkat
three pieces of bread with different colored designs on them
Animal Track Stamps
the instructions for how to make bear track stamps with apples and paw prints on them
Tot School: Bears - Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten
a coloring page with an animal theme for children's books, including the letter e
an image of animals and their tracks in the paper
Hayvan Ayak İzleri - Hayvanları Ayaklarından Tanıma
the animal tracks are shown in black and white, as well as an image of their footprints
Free Animal Tracks Matching Game Printables