Cute idea.  I'm not too much for scrapbook crafting, but I love buttons and love doodling.  I could do this, really!!

Beautiful Stylish Handmade Cards for any Occasion! Buttons make great decorations for holiday or birthday cards!

Kinder Birds.

Mother's Day Art or Kinder Birds.Printmake w/cut cardboard for the branches, trace baby bottle lids for the birds & tempera cake them. Add detail with sharpie markers & oil pastels for leaves & grass.

Vymývaná klovatina + suchý pastel.

Vymývaná klovatina + suchý pastel.

Kytka v květináči

Maybe next year's Mother's Day? Flower Pot Card - Idea: Cut out the card from cardstock as it is, and fill in the flowers appropriately and artistically with quilled shapes. Fold it and add your message inside!

Easter Egg Animals

Easter Animal Eggs in Toilet Paper Roll Art TP Tube holders/cups

Právě se vylíhli z vajíček...:-)

Sudio's Studio: Easter Bulletin Board such a great idea for hatching in spring but seems really hard

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