Poems from me I'd like to be

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a river in the middle of a forest with a poem written on it's side
trees with the sky in the background and a poem written on it that says, i was
a poem written in the grass with blue flowers
a full moon over the water with a poem written in it's center and an image of mountains
an old paper with stars on it and the words, its been a while i haven't seen your face
a poem written in the middle of a mountain with trees and mountains behind it,
a person's hand reaching for something red
the sun is setting behind some grass with a poem written below it that reads, not because it was said by the others
Feelings, Understanding, Choose Me, Remember, Words, D.i.d., Wellness
a campfire with the words you've changed the way i look at the things you know and never tried to change my crazy had flow
an image of a road with the quote wait for me come to me he half way through i want to see your face to kiss you as you knew
an image of fireworks with the quote i can't say it different than that its for those who get me what my soul tries to explain by writing about what i miss
Places, That Look, Look In The Mirror, No Response
a red and black striped background with the words if i saw these reds before would i still be burning like i do sometimes?