Katka Doupalová

Katka Doupalová

Katka Doupalová
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Gabriel Reyes - Jack Morrison

day 1 - forehead touch kiss gabe’s tired, let him sleep

Gabriel/Jack Reaper76

whalebonerunes: “ i was so excited to wake up and find that the commission i bought for was finished! hoping this can take the sting off of how the last few months have been treating them. is the amazing artist, and i.

McCree Pixel Art

spoiledmysterymeat: “ kylebunk: “McCree Pixel Art ” see it’s stuff like this that drives me to keep trying to improve, look at how slick the movements here are! So much SUBTLETY from such a restrictive medium, it’s always interesting to see how.

Dead End King

post omnic crisis celebration drawing this made me so happy