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a small garden fountain in the middle of some plants and rocks with a birdhouse on top
paso a paso maceta de neumático con decoración de huella
PASO A PASO: todo comienza con la recogida de éstos dos grandes neumáticos de furgón, la huella tipo greca no la había visto nunca y fue ...
a snowman made out of tires sitting on the side of a building
Tire snowman Más
a red tire planter filled with greenery and pine cones
Recycled Tire Christmas Planter
Turn a recycled tire into a welcoming Christmas planter!
a small garden area with potted plants and an outdoor gazebo in the middle
Поделки из шин для сада — клумбы, мебель, качели и даже бассейн
На наших дачах мы часто используем вторсырье, и сегодня я сделала интересную подборку по поделкам для сада из старых шин. Оказалось, что б/у покрышки — достаточно многофункциональный материал…
two pictures of green tires with faces on them, one has eyes and the other has flowers
Frog planters made from completely recycled stuff. Saves on dumping fees for tyres. And great for the kids and to add a bit of colour to your garden.
a frog planter sitting in the middle of some flowers and plants with its eyes wide open
proyectos de jardin con llantas viejas
Image result for proyectos de jardin con llantas viejas
there are many different colored tires in the planters on the sidewalk, and one has flowers growing out of them
DIY Tire Flower Planter Tutorial
Reuse tires and paint them with bright colors and make a stacked planter garden out of them!
several tires stacked on top of each other with flowers growing out of the rims
Tired of gardening.
there is a potted plant in the shape of a house with plants growing out of it
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a multicolored round pillow on top of a wooden table
reciclaje de neumaticos
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a potted cactus sitting on top of a colorful planter
Eco-Design / Terrariums. Terrariums made ​​with auto tires and motorcycle. Hand painted./ Eco -Diseño Terrarios realizados con neumáticos de auto y de motocicleta. Pintado a mano.
a colorful bowl filled with plants on top of dirt
old tire planter. I love all the colors.
three tires are stacked on top of each other with flowers growing out of the rims
tire planter tyre More
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and stacked tires
Riciclare pneumatici: 28 idee per un riciclo creativo
lavandino con pneumatico