Clouds and their relative heights  (C1, Wk 23 - Science)

An infotoon on the heights of clouds. Here’s a relative chart that can help approximate what kinds of clouds those are and roughly how high in the sky they are. Click the image for a larger, classroom friendly version.


This page includes solar system cutting activitiy with prepared by me for my sweet girl.

Temperature scale, solar system.

planet temperatures in fahrenheit and celcius - from venus at hottest and neptune and least heat - dwarf planet Pluto is listed also

Système solaire

Elementary Spanish lesson - sistema solar -- free worksheet to learn about the solar system in spanish!

Les arbres et leurs feuilles

Les arbres et leurs feuilles - do as a brain break? (first one to speak in…

Solar system

Planets For Kids - Solar . The Planets Song Kids · The Planets The Planet Song for Children The sun is times .

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