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an image of a poster with the words, one being forced to die for your jesus and
Veteran Shirt - Only Two Defining Forges Have Ever Ofered To Die For You Jesus Chirist And The Veteran One Died For Your Soul The Other One Died For Your Freedom Essential T-Shirt by Karon2345
(Cough***true) Navy Jokes, Navy Memes, Military Jokes, Go Navy, Navy Chief, Navy Life
Love it! Sea Chest, Metal Display, Military Humor, Wood Worker, Heart Beat, Military Life, Shadow Boxes
Navy Operations Specialist - OS Shadow Box
Love it!
an airplane hallway with the door open and there is a sign that says, if you never seen this view you don't know what hell is
The obstacle course from hell.
the inside of a boat with blue curtains on it's walls and flooring
a black hoodie with the words skilled enough to become a sailor, crazy enough to love it