Major #beach #body vibes going today the challenge is on with around 4 weeks left to go until Xmas and swim season starting soon! . . . We mowed the lawns today well Josh did and I followed after with rubbish bags for the grass but it was such a good workout! Did you know you can do bent over rows with a rubbish bag full of clippings? Or lunges squats Russian twists step ups bicep curls AND standing tricep pulls . . . : @

Travel girl / Summer / Beach / Straw hat / Tan / Sand / Neutral colors / Beach babe / Orange / One piece

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Morning Yummy breakfast at before another busy day running around the city! by mikutas


Hat – Marat Atelier / Shirt – H&M / Shorts – Zara / Shoes – Converse / Sunnies – Chloé / Car – Beetle ;) Hello and happy Wednesday from Mallorca! ☆ ☆ @ iola_pujol /

Town Spent the evening in the little town, so cozy! Have a great night loves ✨ wanderlust europe photography beautiful adventure mountain explore inspiration tips landscape van life road trip beach life water blue white sand


Home 💥 After lots of travelling and now fashion week I am so so happy to enjoy my favourite place ag - mikutas


I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! I just came back from Vietnam on Saturday and even though I am so sad to have left my sister there and I miss our family holiday…

A Roundie and a magazine...essentials for afternoons spent poolside. Shop the Paloma now at via @mikutas

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