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Mephisto, Ao no Exorcist. XD Thats why you have to watch the anime, Mephisto :D
Yukio, Shura, & Rin | Ao no Exorcist | Chapter 75 | My Edit
'Blue Exorcist ~~ Fairy Tales' Ha ha Arthur A. Angel as Rapunzel makes me laugh the most, followed closely by Yukio and Rin as Alice. Mephisto and Shiemi fit perfectly.
I ship these two so much! Yukio and Shura (Shukio, or Yura)
Akatsuki no yona
spice and wolf funny - Google Search
Ayakura Juu, Ookami to Koushinryou, Spice and Wolf - Ayakura Juu Illustrations, Horo, Nora Arendt, Kraft Lawrence
Spice and Wolf | Holo's mischievous face XD
Spice and Wolf - Holo