Lots of fun Relay Races for parties

12 Fun Relay Races for Kids

How to play a hula hoop relay race which is a fun game to play and an easy outdoor party game to organize. Relay games like this hula hoop relay race is a great team building activity and SO much fun for kids to play.

Mamas Like Me: Fun Water Games for Kids

OUTDOOR SPACE GAME IDEAS: 50 outdoor summer activities for your kids to check off! A bike obstacle course, a water balloon pinata and glow in the dark bowling sound like tons of fun to me!

Sponge Brigade

Water Olympics - Divide in 2 teams. Objective: Pass sponge to your own team members. Winner: Sponge reaches last person first in shortest amount of time.

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outdoor fun activities

Outdoor Summer Fun: 30 Ideas for Your Geeklets

Great list for Outdoor Summer Fun. Some new and amazing ideas I haven't seen yet to keep kids busy this summer. Worth a look for the links alone! 30 out of the box ideas (and awesome links to support you in doing them.

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Serie: Spiel und Spaß im November: 10 Kreative Projekte für Kinder

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