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Teapot by Kazunori OHNAKA, Japan

Teapot by Kazunori OHNAKA, Japan 大中和典 like the wide handle

Brad Henry

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Lisa Hammond teapot

Lisa Hammond teapot


Chris Weaver salt fired wheel thrown and altered teapot with bent wood handle.

Richey Bellinger

Porcelain Teapot, 13 inches with white slip and overlapping ash glazes, fired to Cone 10 in reduction by Richey Bellinger -

Simon van der Ven

Simon van der Ven - Equator Teapot I - wood-fired, granite-infused stoneware

Linda McFarling  |  Altered, soda-fired teapot.  "My aim as a functional potter is making pots that honor the rich tradition of the past, while hopefully adding to them. I am currently working with several different clay bodies, fired in a salt-soda kiln. I restrict myself to only a few slips and glazes. I find myself very inspired as well as challenges working within these confines. It allows me an intimacy and interaction throughout the whole process".

Clay Club aims to connect potters and ceramic artists of our community.

Josh Deweese Teapot

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