Josef Lada illustration of Winter - a form of info graphic describing weather, rituals, food

Zajíc, 1948 | malba kvaš

Zajíc, 1948 | malba kvaš

Josef Lada Josef Lada Hrusice - Prague) was a Czech painter, illustrator and writer.Illustration for the calendar, seasons-August.

The most typical Czech Christmas and winter themes painted by the Czech painter Josef Lada 1887-1957, which follows his work portrayed in the memories of his childhood in the village Hrušice.Mal its own distinctive style, which he admired and Pablo Picasso.Josef Lada painted many paintings and illustrated numerous children's books , newspapers, magazines, manger, but also posters, postage stamps etc. It is one of the most beloved Czech painters.

Josef Lada (December Hrusice - 14 December Prague) was a Czech painter, illustrator and writer.

Výsledek obrázku pro Mikuláš, Čert a Anděl Franta Karel