Stone gardens - Fieldstone Hill Design. How I'd love to have this for a thinking seat! [ ] #Backyard #Talavera #Handmade

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Sterling Silver rose.  My absolute favorite rose. Lavender roses have the sweetest fragrance.

Some of the Most Popular Roses on Pinterest

Sterling Silver Rose ~ My absolute favorite rose. The color is a very pale, almost white lavender. Lavender roses have the sweetest frangrance.

Golden Wedding Rose (floribunda/hybrid tea)  I've never liked yellow flowers of any kind. I'm not a huge fan of yellow anything! However, these might just change my mind! Reminds me of lemon pie, which I LOVE!

Golden Wedding Rose (floribunda/hybrid tea) Yellow roses are my favourite - represent Friendship and remind me of someone special x

Climbing roses | 1001 Gardens. Want!!! Think I will get 2 great pots and some trellises and get ready for spring!!

Climbing Roses

How romantic, this entryway is surrounded with sweet smelling pink and white roses. I'm not good with growing roses but I'd like to try these climbing varieties.

Beautiful Gardens begin with beautiful plants

Proven Winners - Plants you can count on

Lovely pale pink roses tumbling over a white picket fence. I have the white picket fence; now all I need are the roses.

Rose "Sweet Moon" - Lilac - Hybrid Tea Rose - Bred by Kikuo Teranishi (Japan, 2001) [ ]

So I put this purple rose because purple roses are my favorite flower because they symbolize strength, I hope to get a purple rose tattoo one day. Purple is the color for my disability, and Rose is something with my grandma meaning beauty and strength.

Marmalade Skies rose.                                                                                                                                                      More

Some of the Most Popular Roses on Pinterest

marmalade skies rose - My all time favorite color of rose! So beautiful when bush is full of roses!

'Brass Band' Rose Buds! Note to self- research this rose for possible future purchase.

~~Brass Band Roses - Living Color Photography - Lorraine Lynch~~ This is a beautiful beautiful rose.

Sugar Moon- My other new addition to my rose garden!

Gorgeous huge Sugar Moon Rose-hybrid tea available through White Flower Farm for

Climbing roses -- for how pretty they look and the frangrance they bring through an open window

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Since this week is the week of LOVE. Todays beauty is the ultimate LOVE symbol.. The Red Rose Known for their deep red colour they are Available: All year round Most Popular: On Valentine’s Day Symbolizes: Love and Passion HAPPY VDAY WEEK EVERYONE!!! Xxx

Hybrid Tea Rose: Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' (U., Tea Roses are the most popular rose. They bloom frequently and are more hardy than non-hybrid varieties of Tea Rose.

Black rose of Halfeti. The only black rose that is not dyed or photoshopped. The town of Halfeti, Turkey was submerged in 1999 and relocated after a dam was built. The black roses haven't thrived in the new location, and they are in danger of extinction. photo: viewfort2003.

Blooming Black of Night Rose Bush By Crazy Seed It would be awesome if these worked but since black rose is not natural. Dark reds are known as black.