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Omg, this fluffy cat loaf

Happy pup. Watermelon is a great treat for dogs! #dogs #smile

Pug eating a watermelon, yummmm.

Hjjjj mimi <3 *******

15 Animals That Fit Perfectly Into Things

the best mouse hiding in a dandelion picture you've seen today?

Tee hee, I can relate...I continually find my cat snoozing in one of the nesting boxes in our chicken coop!

Look at my butt chickens!

She is not food. She is a joyful soul who wants to live out her life in peace. Just like you!

I just love pigs. My grandmother once said that baby pigs are probably the most perfect animal baby. And as I had raised them (farm pigs), as well as having a pot bellied pig for many years, I have to agree. Very, very smart as well.

Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’ – FLOW ART STATION

(Photo: Julian Rad/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards) Thanks to its adorable chubby cheeks and silly dashing gait, a wild European hamster has stolen the show […]