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two monarch butterflies on a green leaf
Can Moths Or Butterflies Remember What They Learned As Caterpillars?
Estudio demuestra memoria de orugas se traspasa a la mariposa como aprendizaje
a very colorful caterpillar crawling on a plant
25 Most Beautiful Macro Photography examples for your inspiration and tips for beginners
I love the overlapping of the divided body parts, and yellow and black pattern.
a close up of a caterpillar on a leaf
Striped caterpillar ... Actually, its a very hungry caterpillar munching its way to become an Austrailian Joseph's Coat Moth (not a monarch as I originally thought. Monarch caterpillars are black-white-yellow stripe)
a close up of a caterpillar on a green surface
Save University of Hyderabad Campaign (This photo was taken in University of Hyderabad)
Sometimes the beauty it's already on the caterpillar...
a caterpillar crawling on the side of a leaf
Natures Doorways
Caterpillar which becomes the Black Swallowtail butterfly...many people do not understand that is order to have butterflies one must first have something for the caterpillar to eat...these loved my fennel and when disturbed, shoot out little orange horns that exude an orangy odor...nice!
the caterpillars are all lined up together
Bruco di macaone#7
Bruco di macaone (Swallowtail caterpillar)
two black and red caterpillars sitting on top of a plant
Quando completar o processo de metamorfose, se transformará em uma linda borboleta. Curl of a Caterpillar.
a rainbow caterpillar is sitting on a plant
Colored Mondays
This is a typical caterpillar of a type of butterfly found on Epirica