This is a cool Dancer Shoot pose Idea but It reminded me about the annual Ballet Production at my local dance studio... I think I'm going to go down and see if the instructor will let me do some Portfolio shots of the cast as a promotional thing.

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Dig out her old shoes and encourage her to take up dancing again.

Always wanted to learn pointe.just need someone to teach me.My comment: you don't simply learn pointe

Pointe shoe over glass slipper any day!

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Pointe shoe over glass slipper any day! cuz dance is my life Cuz if u step on a rock while u wear glass slippers on your feet u got a cut foot.

All i wanted to do when i was little was wear pointe shoes......... Now ive…

Dancer unknown, photographer is Alessio Quagliata. (c) Alessio Quagliata HATE the way this dancer tied her ribbons though. They go INSIDE the ankle, and ends tucked IN