Kateřina Barbir

Kateřina Barbir

Kateřina Barbir
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Cute Picture Corners Clip Art // Hand drawn par thePENandBRUSH

CLIP ART: Cute Picture Corners // Hand drawn Bespoke // Whimsical // Photoshop Brushes // Photo Overlay // Vector // Commercial Use

Letter Anatomy

Did you know letters have an anatomy? This is an expanded version of the drawing that's part of a mini lesson on The Anatomy of Letters that I'm working on for the book! And this still isn't a comprehensive list of all the terms used to describe type.


This is a "Lord of the Rings" fairy-tale logotype. All of the shapes have a rounded feel to them.main Pacha Runas, and lets try if is good with logo!


✍ Typography ✍ A flourish isn't just a flourish. Each has its own feel. They make invitations, business cards, or logos seem fancy, vintage, or artsy. Picking the right one is the key!