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a kitchen with white cabinets and tiled flooring next to an open door leading to a living room
Gallery of Gonçalo Cristovão’s Apartment / Merooficina - 3
three framed pictures hang on the wall above a stool in a room with concrete flooring
Open House: Dangar Island by Karen McCartney | est living
an open living room with wood floors and white walls, along with pictures on the wall
Modern House | Dangar Island House
a small dog is walking through an open door in a room with white walls and flooring
Villa K's angular concrete volumes provide views of a Finnish forest
an open door leading to a bathroom with a rug on the floor and sink in the background
Gallery of Weave / The Ranch Mine - 11
some wood is laying on the floor and in front of a window with an open frame
Einfach auflegen: So einfach renovierst du deine Fensterbank
an empty room with two doors and a bathtub in the corner on either side
Ash House
an empty room with a lamp and pictures on the wall behind it in front of a large window
Laccato Baltimora New
Laccato Baltimora New | Bertolotto
an empty room with a white door and some pictures on the wall
Interior Door 2020V Ghiaia Opaco
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an empty room with two doors and a table in the corner, next to a painting on the wall
Modern Doors: Browse our Collections | Bertolotto
an empty room with a wooden door and tile flooring in front of white walls
an empty room with white walls and gray door, in the foreground is a black leather chair
Choosing Interior Door Styles and Paint Colors: Trends