Kaťa Kalábová

Kaťa Kalábová

Kaťa Kalábová
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#My #Sweet #Darling I  U soo much! :3 :-*   #Lesbiansex

💋I U soo much!

God :) my favorite part of her sleeping over! <3

I would wake up every morning before you just to watch you sleep Then wake you with gentle kisses and soft touches as I whisper good morning my beautiful butterfly in your ear then kiss your neck and hold you tight xo

♥ It's ♥ just ♥ about ♥ Love ♥ It's not something we do to piss people off!!

♥ love ♥ # I can't understand women's but how ever I think I could understand their lesbian love for one another they are lucky and man would be lucky to have both :)

. . . Until I get lonely.

People should not judge me for wanting to be alone; I'm fine socially, but being alone allows me to be at my most creative and smartest state! Just cause Im an introvert means Im a lazy, selfish loner?