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four wooden coasters sitting on top of each other in different patterns and sizes,
17+ Awe-Inspiring Wood Working Projects Logs Ideas
Chip Carving a Wooden Bowl | The Perfect DIY
What makes the surface of a wooden bowl a little more interesting? Texture. Watch us chip and chisel this bowl to completion.
a coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table next to a chair and window
Here's Why You Need To Be Following The Work Of Ariele Alasko
three wooden bowls sitting on top of a white table next to each other and one is brown
Zanat: скандинавский модернизм и ремесло из Боснии
Боснийская мебельная компания Zanat, чье производство находится в местечке Конич, к югу от Сараево, — отличный пример, как из любви к традиционному ремеслу и современному дизайну создать тонкий микс. #interiorplusdesign #интерьерплюсдизайн #interiordesign #design #furniture #Zanat
a hand holding a wooden bowl on top of a white towel
M.SAITo Wood WoRKS 木の器 齋藤正明
a person holding a wooden bowl on top of a table
Photo Journal: The Urban Woodsman