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Hogwarts houses – Harry Potter : wallpaper hq

Hogwarts coat of arms

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This would make an awesome tattoo!

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Harry Potter Watercolors - if I were to ever get a HP tattoo.

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harry potter - lockscreens for smartphones and tablets

Harry potter symbols. Symbols for my HP piece.  :)

Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas- I like the idea of these but "expecto patronum" has nothing to do woth the feather; I think the spell they were looking for was "wingardium leviosa".

Hand drawn beautiful artwork of female shaman portriat. Alchemy, religion, spirituality, occultism, tattoo art, coloring books. Isolated vector illustration.

Hand drawn beautiful artwork of female shaman portriat.

Sacred Geometry Vectors | Graphic Design Elements | Geometric Vector Clipart Images | Blog Graphics | Web Design | Branding Niche | Blogging | Business | Art

Awesome sacred geometry vector graphics for all you modern spiritual chicks

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Geometric flower tattoo base More for charlene

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Sansa's tattoo (kind of)


Harry Potter Wand Motions chart in Hogwarts house colors / Beginers guide Poster / Print / Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin