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a black puppy sitting in a bucket on top of a wooden deck with the caption, science is golden unless you have a puppy then, silence is suspicious
Same goes for kids... - Meme
TRUE! I can't remember a time Joy was silent as a puppy and something hadn't been chewed/destroyed/knocked over.
a woman standing in front of a door with the caption if you're uncomfortableable around my rottweiler, i'm happy to look you in the other room when you come over
Yup... house rule #1 she lives here... you can stay or go home.
a dog is looking at the camera with an ad on it's screen and caption
Cute Dogs and Cats
"No. You go ahead and eat. I'll just sit here and starve because nobody love me."
39 Dogs Who Will Make You Question Evolution
Rottweiler Rottweiler Breed, German Dog, Crazy Dog Lady, Crazy Dog
a bunch of magazines stacked on top of each other in front of a white wall
Man's best friend
Man's best friend - 9GAG
a bunch of dogs that are in a metal gate with the caption you shall not pass
Image detail for -funny-Rottweiler-dogs-pack
a dog with its tongue hanging out the side of it's mouth looking outside
a woman hugging a dog on top of a wooden bench next to a brick wall
The love and devotion of these beautiful gentle giants...all my Rotties "hug" too :) ((((love))))
a black and white poster with the words keep calm and love rotties
Rottweiler Art Print Keep Calm and Love Rottweilers - Etsy
Rottweiler Art Print Keep Calm and Love Rotweilers // Gift // Wall Decor // Dog Art //
a dog sitting in the grass with its mouth open and tongue out, saying what do you think you trained me?
Condescending Rottweiler
rottwiler with captioon | Condescending Rottweiler | you think YOU trained ME? Mwhahaha! | image ...