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karolína labonkova
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Hey. I'm Kayla, 15 year old daughter of Eugine and Rapunzel. I may be royal but I'm also a rebel. Despite my looks, I'm actually pretty nice. Totally want to dye my hair, but don't know what color. So, yeah.

I'm 15 years old and daughter of Eugine and Rapunzel. I'm nice and I listen to Fall Out Boy and Green Day. Want to dye my hair purple but I don't have the money. adopt me please

Punk Percy and Annabeth< I feel like this is how Percy could've been if he grew up normally how he always had before CHB< this is ridiculously hot tbh

SOLD- Sailor Moon outfits by Guppie-Adopts.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Buy for your OCs ~ NO: &nbsp;HOLD,trade,payment plan, claim design as your own&nbsp; CAN: Use for females/males/Original and Fan characters.

CLOSED- 21 pack by Guppie-Adopts

Just as usual some hipster,grunge, rainbow,kawaii-fashion themed outfit adopts ~~~~~~~~~~~~ NO: Payment plans,HOLDS (send payment in CLOSED- 21 pack