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Karolína Piewaková
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I’ve been itching to share this for a while now. My last project was Cinderella, and since there’s already one version of Cinderella for Far Faria, I decided to do a Filipino version version just to.

Cinder's Court by chelleface90

I recently finished the Lunar Chronicles and it was AMAZING! One of my favorite series ever! This series is a mix between Disney Princesses and a Cyb.

Cress: Spring by Mariana Doodles on Tumblr

Cress: Spring I was going to wait until I finished all of them, but I couldn’t wait anymore because I’m just so happy on how this turned out! So if you don’t get what I’m doing, I’m taking the TLC girls and drawing them in different seasons… so.

Scarlet Litographs Design by CanvasConstellations on DeviantArt

My submission for the Scarlet Litographs Design Contest.I’m rolling on a theme of the same basic elements as my Cinder Litographs Design.

Thorn and Cress by shanlightyear

“Cress smiled and Thorne swept his finger to the side of her nose. “Then there’s Capella and Errai.” He pointed to the third and fourth freckle, and then gulped before dipping his finger down to the.