The height of this garden not only creates more useable space also adds some interest.

30 Magical Zen Gardens, Nice n Funny

Patio Decor and Gardening / urban gardens, small space manipulation. No instructions, but good inspiration for taking a very narrow and challenging space and turning it into a tiered garden with vertical elements.

Brick Checkerboard Herb Garden - LOVE this!! #herbs #gardening #landscaping

The Checkerboard Herb Garden/Even if it rains you can get to your herbs. I can do this with wall stones from the woods, and put it next to the stone patio. Love the checkerboard :)

Easy to Grow- Perennial Herbs

Perennial Herbs that are Easy to Grow


Herbs Herbal Medicines Herb Garden CD 29 Books by Infocraft. I would imagine it would take a very long time to put all of this together by oneself!

Bylinky: šalvěj, dobromysl, bazalka, máta

Bylinky: šalvěj, dobromysl, bazalka, máta

Cosy nook

A garden is a wonderful place to sit outdoors. You can sit and do many things like drink tea or coffee and read. The green colour of plants helps you relax and the clean air makes you comfortable. I wish to sit in this same place.