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a man standing next to a giant rubber duck in the middle of a crowd at an outdoor event
Funny Pictures – November 5, 2017
a hand is holding a card in front of a sink faucet
Water | Uno Reverse Card
cartoon characters are standing in front of an exhibit with the caption's name on it
42 Funny Pics and Dank Memes to Wind Down With
four different pictures with the words brain do it me why just do it me?
Daily Funny Collection 588 (37 Pics)
a woman sitting at a table with her hands in front of her face and the words duh on it
29 Faces Everyone Who Works Out Will Recognize
Laugh Out Loud, Reaction Pics
min on Twitter
a woman wearing red sunglasses making a funny face
11 frases que vão fazer você desejar ter METADE da autoestima do homem hétero
a woman with a cd in her mouth next to an image of a corona mask
52 Memes I Enjoyed And So Will You
an image of a baby doll that is wearing a diaper and has the caption when you accidentally drop your phone on your face
And the year you broke your face:
33 Caras que son muy reales para personas con ADD Aunty Acid, Videos, Haha, Lol
Cuando te das cuenta de que te olvidaste de una cita que comienza en 20 minutos:
33 Caras que son muy reales para personas con ADD