Karel Kubicek
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The Glass Trestle table "explores the relationship between steel and wood to complement each other in a way that each material is intrinsically weak without the other," Pedersen says. "The wood is clamped between the steel, which in turn holds the structural steel that supports the weight of the glass as it spans. The manufacturing process interests us a lot as the parts are individually cut out and welded together, but the strength only comes when the parts are assembled. We've done a range…

Create a subtle industrial feeling with steel furniture, like this trestle table with steel supports by Pedersen + Lennard. Courtesy of: Henk Hattingh: Pedersen Lennard Tables, Steel Support, Trestl.


DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. How wonderful is this bookshelf? I imagine it would be perfect for storing books and/or crafting supplies.