the things I look forward to when I have a family of my own
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a grey hoodie with an animal print on the front and side pocket, zippered at the bottom
Atsushi's Order-Made Sashiko Mending. I would like to avoid saying "It is impossible." so I will try my best unless I know it for sure (after trying). This was one of the most challanging project, but it turned out pretty good. I would say, this is THE Sashiko mending. A client seems to be happy with the result. I would like to continue this journey until the 100th... I did 3 projects in 6 months, so Probably in 15 years or so? 淳のオーダーメード刺し子、第三番。 「できません」とはできるだけ言わないようにした結果、パーカーの刺し子に2枚重ねるという、なかなかに大
some type of text that is in the middle of a page with words on it
The Friendly Fig - a veg-friendly space for happy, healthy humans
handsome boy name inspiration | the friendly fig #hipster #trendy #boynames #cool
the table is set with american flags and plates
Happy Fourth Of July From White Cottage Farm!
Happy Fourth Of July From White Cottage Farm!
red, white and blue plastic cup twisters are on the table
Plastic Cup Twirlers
Plastic Cup Twirlers: The perfectly cheap 4th of July decoration using the ever-American red Solo Cups!
valentine's day poster with the words love you to a child
21 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Child ~
"How do your parents show love or how did your parents show love?"
a white board with blue writing on it that says do you have you creative?
Good idea for kids when they say they're bored with nothing to do.
Bunny - Love | #animal #bunny
i love every season
Bunny - Love | #animal #bunny
two pictures of different patterns and colors on fabric, one with an orange circle in the center
March Meet Up: Visible Mending
Visible Mending For Holes
the tie is being sewn on by someone
Devki Pande
Sashiko stitching on british tweed by Manjusha
someone is stitching something on the back of a small bag with some thread in it
Visible mending for my mid-month mend
One of the things I've been looking forward to in my year of mending – let's face it, probably the only thing I've been looking forward to –...
I love baking with my girl Memories, Fictional Characters, Heathers, Family, Family Guy, Lifetime, Guys, Character
I love baking with my girl