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Elena & Stefan. It seems so long I can't picture them together. That's sad.
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I liked Elena and Stefan together. :( I did like her and Damon too. They were both good for her in different ways. It’s fun seeing stuff from the time period Stelena was together. Brings back memories. :)
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Nylon Magazine August 2014
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I still ship Stelena even tho Delena is better
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#Stelena #TVD #BEST ♥
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Nina Dobrev
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the vampire diaries
Season 1. The only time I loved them together...and it was only up until Damon took Elena to Atlanta. That's when I converted to DELENA!!! :)
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Elena Gilbert and Guess Jasmine Tank (#2257355) / Coolspotters
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Nina Dobrev Photo: Nina Dobrev// The Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) looooove this gorgeous woman
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Nina Dobrev
a woman in a black dress posing for the camera with her hands on her head
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counting stars
Hasemausich bin dakommst du?ich fahre hier so rum und hoffe dich zu sehenich liebe dich
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Hairstyles & Beauty
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