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two white chairs sitting next to each other in front of a pile of logs and firewood
35 Creative Garden Bench Ideas For Your Cozy Spot | HomeMydesign
35 Creative Garden Bench Ideas For Your Cozy Spot | Home Design And Interior
an outdoor furniture made from tree stumps and logs with text overlay that reads unique furniture made from trees stumps and logs
Unique Tree Stump And Log Furniture: 5 Environment Impact
Aside from their beauty, what makes these pieces of furniture astonishing is that it takes great woodworking skills and talent to make one! Agree?
a wooden sculpture made to look like an octopus
Chainsaw-Carved Sculpture in Alaska Carving Competition - Awesome
a large insect statue sitting on top of a lush green field
Carved with a Chainsaw
a wooden bench made out of logs with people carved on the wood and leaves around it
Chainsaw Carving Oak Owl Bench
three wooden bowls stacked on top of each other with different shapes and sizes to make them look like they are made out of wood
TAFFEE: Coffee Cup-Shaped Armchair Derived From Cedar-wood Trunk
a statue of a man swinging on a swing set in a yard with a brick wall behind it
The Luckiest Kid In the Galaxy Has an Amazing Towering Groot Swing
James Gunn, the director of this summer's monstrous blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy, posted this image of an amazing Groot-themed swingset to his Instagram (now MIA) and Tumblr accounts yesterday.