Lol - Lol! Good thing that's not at our office. We would have a lot of panicked clients.

10 Fresh Memes Today!#4 Coolest Aquarium Wedding Photobomb.

This guy looks like a thumb. A cat who wants to go to class. A magazine at doctor's office. A shark photobombed an aquarium wedding photo. healthy breakfast of yogurt, peach, and apple disguised as an egg and fries. Happy boxes seeing the recycle truck.

How perfect will this be

Someone "They are free at the library!" Me " Yes, but they do not everyone single one in the entire series and every good book you will read in you lifetime.

Collection of cute comics

Collection of cute comics

15 cómics sencillos que te harán cambiar la visión que tienes de algunos objetos…

Když tě někdo naštve počítej do deseti. Až budeš u osmičky jednu mu flákni…

Trochu humoru, ale i pravdy

Kokso ja by som zinfarktovala

my sister forgot the buckle on the seat, I was fucked up here a little

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Přijde Michal na návštěvu k Frantovi, který je na vozíku..

Přijde Michal na návštěvu k Frantovi, který je na vozíku.

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Don't teach the myth, Thomas Edison was a disgusting and vile man, he even killed an elephant as a publicity stunt.