Kamil Petr

Kamil Petr

Prague / Freelance graphic designer. Art and architecture lover.
Kamil Petr
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The Cool Hunter – Mineral House – Tokyo

Japanese Atelier Tekuto has mastered the small, modern space. Reflection of Mineral House in Tokyo, Japan is a small but sweet residence, measuring it at just 480 sq. Designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita, the house appears as though it.

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Build cheer and deck the halls with this fun-to-build DIY Branch Shelf. See instructions here. This DIY Branch Shelf is an easy way to decorate with nature and bring the outdoors in. Learn how now.

Small, narrow buildings on leftover space between larger ones -- called "pet architecture" in the book by Studio Bow-Wow -- are the subject of recent posts on the blog Scouting New York.  Regarding...

420 W 58 Street, NYC ~ half a brownstone ft] between two large apartment buildings.

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The full set of info graphics by Peter Ørntoft. Could be used on special occasion, but would require long advance notice from desk and a really good idea