Kamil Dusil
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"Linger a Little Longer" Thermochromatic Table by Jay Watson - Australian designer Jay Watson designed this head turning table.  It has a thermochromatic finish that responds to the heat of your body and heat released by other objects that it comes into contact with like say a plate or a coffee mug.  It leaves a lasting impression, that only fades when the surface returns back to room temperature.

pinned MORE FOR the TABLE & BENCH style the the heat sensitive paint. "Linger A Little Longer" Table by Jay Watson, uses a thermochromic finish to respond to the heat of objects and people, bringing to light the impact of the user on his furniture.

Batman themed room

Do your kids love action heroes? Batman may be the coolest action hero of all.great costume, has a helpful friend.and best of all, a very spiffy tricked out hideout. Deck out your kids room in high style with these fun & practical room accessories.