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Coffee machine

Departure from mirror finished stainless is refreshing! Especially when contrasted with chrome parts. I can only take so much chrome on chrome.

Blowing in the wind!The Head of a Dandelion-------- Come my love, remember the days when wishes were real and their granting relied on simply blowing away the seeds off the head of dandelions. ------------poem by Lisa Denise Mason

Symbol: This picture represents the symbol of wind. The symbol of wind is the unseen power of a certain thing just how God is unseen but powerful to the human body, mind, and spirit.

I Like It Wild And Cosmic...Always In The Country !...

“The major crisis of the human race is not of raising our IQs, it is one of elevating our WILL quotients. We must will ourselves to happiness, and thereby experience true health.” -Bruce Lipton More 🍂🌰