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Výsledek obrázku pro adventní výzdoba

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Andílek č.1309

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2015/2016 | II. mateřská škola PRECIOSA, o.p.s.

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Mikuláš, čert a anděl 2012 - Pošta pro děti. Více na

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2014/2015 | II. mateřská škola PRECIOSA, o.p.s.

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Our seasonal crafting has been incredibly simple. Using mostly what's on hand already. And for this using the hands as well. The kids made a Scandinavian Gnome handprint the other day. Also known as Tomte Tonttu Nisse or Tomten. I loved using the handprints for their beards (even though I should of pressed down on Nat's fingers more!) and gluing the tall red gnome hats with just a big cardboard nose popping out. Every time I look at this little craft it just makes me happy. It's these…

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