6. Fooducate

Eat food that is healthy and tasty while you track your progress to better fitness. The Fooducate app looks beyond calories to see what's really in your food, and will show you healthier alternatives.

4. My Fitness Pal

Top Free iPhone App Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal…

2. Argus

Argus, An Activity Tracker App for Monitoring Every Aspect of a Lifestyle From Daily Steps to Hydration

Not only is this app free, but it’s one of the most useful health apps you’ll ever find. It’s great for people who do better with lots of support. You can share and find new workouts with a community of other people. You can also cheer each other on and comment on each other’s progress. You can chart your stats and progress as well. What could be better than having tons of people around you in the virtual world to spur you on toward your goals?

The Cody app gives you inside connections to a fitness community where you can share and discover workouts.

5. Shazam

Tired of listening to a song on the radio and wondering who its by? Shazam recognizes music/media so you can know Titles and Artists names immediately.

2. IHeartRadio

Top Free iPhone App iHeartRadio – Free Music & Internet AM/FM Radio Stations - Clear Channel Management Services, LP by Clear Channel Management Services, LP -