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a hand holding a piece of art made out of string and thread with a needle
Hitesh Durgani: Photo
НОВОГОДНИЕ ОТКРЫТКИ СВОИМИ РУКАМИ. Классная 👍🏻 подборка новогодних открыток.
a drawing of a snake made out of colored lines on a white background with the letter s in it's center
Triskel - Dentelles et créations de Gibritte
a peacock is shown in the middle of a circular frame, with lines running through it
a drawing of a heart shaped object with the word love on it's side
Paličkování Ostatní
a black and white drawing of hearts in the shape of a flower with four petals
Les bougeoirs - Dentelles et créations de Gibritte
an image of some decorative items made out of string and beaded thread with music notes on them
С миру по нитке | Кружевница - мастерица
a drawing of an animal made out of wire
Kočka Herdulka - krok za krokem
two crocheted cats sitting next to each other on a red surface
Фото 860251002253 из альбома Выставка работ Елены Тиуновой в г. Подольск. Разместила Елена Зайцева (Фридрикова) в ОК