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Václav Kameníček

Václav Kameníček
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Some usefull hints for Leadership

Making your employees happy is the one of the important tasks you have as a boss. Check out this useful infographic from CIPHR to learn great advices on how to be the best boss.

The Unforeseen Perils of Google Glass [COMIC]

The Connection between Perils and Glass

How to focus in the age of distraction?

In today's digital world of distractions it is difficult sometimes to focus and be productive. The Map of Distractions developed by Learning Fundamentals and Focus by Leo Babauta offer great tips o.

Best practices are dead, only test-proven stuff counts. #marketing #valueproposition #strategy #lean

The LIFT Model - “You should test that.” It’s a phrase that Chris Goward, founder and CEO of marketing optimization agency WiderFunnel, has probably uttered at least a thousand times.