Kamča Dvořáková

Kamča Dvořáková

Kamča Dvořáková
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45-45-90 TRIANGLES on two sides, RECTANGLES on three sides. Use these to stack and explore the ratios of the LEGS to the HYPOTENUSE. ~Bon

Brazilian design agency, Quadrante Design, has created a collection of sandwich packaging where the entire box is designed to be a cartoon character! The sandwich company is called SM Kids and each box is designed to look like a different monster characte

Our 2 favourite things! Type and Chocolate!  - Typographic Chocolate (Student…

Designers Lisa-Marie Peters and Christian Pannicke were challenged to create a product with typographic reference for the Museum of Letters Berlin.

Kat Von D Perfume Embalagem

Kat Von D, the tattoo artist, has designed this limited edition for figures. A triangle in a dye cut is placed on another triangle, and as you pull it up, the packaging opens up. The sides drop down and the figure appears. A very creative design indeed.

Stéphanie Sansregret’s “L’Kit de Survie” has six triangular boxes (containing…

Stéphanie Sansregret’s “L’Kit de Survie” has six triangular boxes (containing assorted instant coffees) that wind together to form a hexagonal prism shape.