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wedding centerpiece with some wine corks in the vase / http://www.deerpearlflowers.com/30-wine-corks-country-wedding-ideas-with-tutrials/
Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Ideas with Wine Corks
This is so cool!
wine cork craft ideas | Made from old wine corks | Craft Ideas
Beautiful Fall decorations.
Great use for a vintage french wire basket.
It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate your table for those fall family gatherings and parties. I love the use of natural elements that are first off …FREE….and things you can talk a walk in the woods and pick up. Containers made of clear glass always work well for showing off …
Come see how to make this quick and easy DIY Fall Wreath for a beautiful and welcoming front porch....www.smallhomesoul.com