Carrie Walker

Carrie Walker

I love guinea pigs,Czechia(Czech Republic)
Carrie Walker
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the peruvian guinea pig is so beautifully

Peruvian Guinea Pig - Peruvian Guinea pig as the name suggests, is native from Peru and a classified type and non-self-range of guinea pigs.

four new baby guinea pigs, born overnight last night. (two months after those: some similar, some new colors) the last picture shows the universal method of good animal parenting: sitting on the little ones and pretending like they aren’t really.

Cute Baby Guinea Pigs | Cute Baby Guinea Pig | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I picked up a female guinea pig left out in the streets. A month later, she had what I thought was a virgin birth. I had no idea she was pregnant, thought she was just one plump piglet.