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25 of the Most Beautiful Nail Designs to Inspire You

25 of the Most Beautiful Nail Designs to Inspire You

Le moyen idéal pour transporter et lier avec vos planeurs de sucre, Rats, hérissons ou autres petits animaux de compagnie. Le foulard de liaison est une écharpe à la mode, qui contient une poche de sécurité discret, petits animaux pour le collage. Chaque poche est en polaire doublées, ventilés avec oeillets métal, solidement avec fermeture éclair et cousus avec la technique de sécurité et toutes les coutures cachées. Le foulard de liaison est un excellent moyen de tote vos petits propos dans…

Carry your pet in comfort and style with these bonding scarves from The Menagerie Collection. Fully lined and ventilated pet-safe pockets are perfect for carrying your sugar gliders, rats, or hedgehog wherever you go!

Rat bonding pouch for sale

Introducing the Bonding Pouch! The small size is perfect for one rat or two babies. The larger size for two rats or a larger pet.

Make this clever hide for your chinchilla, mice or hamsters! Cut a piece of PVC pipe to the desired length. Cut a piece of fabric to twice the length of the PVC pipe and fold the fabric over the pipe.

Fleece Chinchilla Tube For Mugwump and MushMush - HOME SWEET HOME - Craftster, meet Mugwump and MushMush:My newly adopted (and soon to be spoiled rotten) chinchillas.

Cosy Corner Hammock (CCH) how to | Degu and Chinchilla World

Pip testing the CCH out: Like the standard hammock, all you need is: 2 pieces of fabric Thread Eyelets Using rectangles of material, cut a & into one of the long sides, making both pieces