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a ferret in a bathtub looking up at the camera while standing on it's hind legs
First Bath
two ferrets are cuddling together on a pink chair with their paws in the air
From the Chrysalis
Photo credit: Laura Rossi.
two ferrets are laying on top of each other in a caged area
40 Photos Revealing How Silly Ferrets Can Be
three ferrets are held in the palm of a man's hand,
different types of ferrets are shown in this chart, which shows the size and color
a ferret in a shark shaped bed on a couch
Your kitties need one. Da shark, not da ferret. XD
a ferret is sitting in a hammock swing
Small Pet Toys & Habitat Accessories for Hamsters | PetSmart
a small white ferret is sitting in a hammock on the tile floor
In a mini hammock!