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Ophelia - Alexandre Cabanel (1883)

Alexandre Cabanel

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Alfons Mucha

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Wiktor Korecki

Alfred Kowalski

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Arthur Wardle - Horse And Hounds.
Arthur Wardle - A Prize Greyhound In A Landscape
Setters by Arthur Wardle on artnet

Arthur Wardle

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August Friedrich Schenck

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Betty Jiang

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Art Artism! on Instagram: ““The goal of all life is death” –Sigmund Freud “The Dead Miner, Mourning” painted by Charles C. Nahl in 1867 Painting by Charles C.…”

Charles Christian Nahl

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Garde-chasse arrêté près de ses chiens ~ Constant Troyon #dogsinthemuseum . . . #1854 #oiloncanvas #museedorsay #orsay #orsaymuseum #paris…
Returning from Market by Constant Troyon, 1851
Cattle Drinking by Constant Troyon 1851 Oil on Oak Panel (Walters Art Museum)

Constant Troyon

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size: 18x12in Giclee Print: The Desert, 1849 by Edwin Landseer : Horses, dogs and deer display a wealth of emotions typically attributed to humans in the sentimental paintings of British artist Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802 - 1873). A child prodigy, he first exhibited at the Royal Academy when he was only 13. By meticulously studying the bodies of dead animals, he developed a command of anatomy that was unsurpassed in his era. He made numerous forays to the Scottish Highlands, where he drew ins

Edwin Henry Landseer

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Coastal study By Frank Tenney Johnson

Frank Teney Johnson

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A Dapple Grey Hunter With Two Foxhounds Beside A Lake by George Stubbs

George Stubbs

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Greg Beecham

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Jeniffer Gennari

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Curled Whippet by Karen Nicol Textile Artist

Karen Nicol

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"A Pointer in a Landscape at Sunset" -- by Maud Earl (British/American, 1864–1943)
Earl, Maud (1864-1943) - The Power of the Dog 1910 (Pointer).
Greyhounds - Maud Earl.

Maud Earl

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Sir Edwin Henry Landseer "Study of a Greyhound " 1860 Reproduction Digital Print Portrait Greyhound Dog
"Distinguished Member of the Humane Society by Sir Edwin Landseer 1838, antique animal art, 11x14\" Premium photo paper art print Colors will vary due to your monitor settings Free ship US This art print was taken from a vintage painting, print, postcard or digital source. It is in the public domain in the US because the copyrights (if any) have expired. Our watermark will not appear on your print NOTE: Our prints are taken from an antique/vintage paintings, greeting cards, post cards etc.. Much
Gurney Journey: Eternal life for a dead bloodhound. Sir Edwin Landseer's portrait of Jacob Bell's favorite bloodhound, Countess. When she died, Bell took the body to Landseer who painted her.

Sir Edwin Landseer

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Thomas Sidney Cooper

Thomas Sidney Cooper

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Vincent van Gogh

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Walton Ford

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The Red Pony, written by John Steinbeck. Illustrated by Wesley Dennis.
Wesley Dennis - The Esquire Illustrations
Antique Labrador Retriever Dog Print Black Lab Wall Art Wesley Dennis Art Childrens Room Decor Gift for Dog Lover Birthday wd 8248w by plaindealing on Etsy

Wesley Dennis

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William Turner

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Wouterus Verschuur

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two cherubs with angel wings sitting next to each other in front of a painting
Raffaello, la mostra impossibile - Roma -
a painting of two people sitting on the ground next to each other with wings over their heads
Eros and Psyche
an image of a painting with people in it
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. Sacrifice of Isaac, 1635. Dios ordenó a Abraham que sacrificara a su hijo Isaac como prueba de su fe (Génesis, 22: 1-13). Abraham se dispuso a cumplir el mandato, probando su fe, pero Dios envió a un ángel para detener su mano justo cuando estaba a punto de hundir el cuchillo. El asombro de Abraham cuando el ángel lo detiene y una expresión que casi roza la locura. Vemos un momento de gran tensión emocional. []
an oil painting of two people and a child
Eugène Delacroix | Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an oil painting of two people on a rocky hillside with trees and clouds in the background
Johann Liss. Abraham and Isaac. 1630
Johann Liss. Abraham and Isaac. 1630 | arthistory390 | Flickr
a painting of an angel hugging a woman
several hands reaching for each other in the air
What is love to you?
What is love to you? - Fragments and Maxims
a painting of a woman holding her head with both hands and looking down at the ground
a painting of a woman with roses in her eyes
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