Hipster with white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, white shoes, jumper and beanie.

Scoop neck tee shirt, Skinny jeans, converse shoes and of course the main component of this look, the Pug.

Hipster with jeans, white t-shirt, beard and dog.

A men’s fashion/lifestyle moodboard featuring men’s street style looks, beards and various facial hair styles, tattoo art, inspiring street fashion photography, and clothing from the best menswear.

Hipster in street outfit with skinny jeans, grey shirt, trainers, and bike.

Hungarian brand Devergo is aimed at the young college kids. Full of fun and easy to wear jeans and tops, the models show exactly how these jeans match their everyday college life. For both chicks and guys, there are.

Hipster with sunglasses.

Super Mustache Style- too bad about the nose piercing but the hair and facial hair are amazing. And the sun glasses :-)

Hipster with skinny jeans, blazer, coat, scarf and yellow shoe, sunglasses.

One of the most anticipated aspects of any fashion week: the street style. From the sharp to the casual, here's a round-up of some of yesterday's menswear

Hipsters in street outfit.

Beard, Beard Styles, Beard Styles for Men, Men's Beard Style = More Beard ideas…

Hipster with beard.

The 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships,The overall winner was Madison Rowley (pictured above) who sported a very impressive “bushy beard”.