Perfect summer nails - white & blue with dots, heart and bow. See the 10 stunning nail ideas for the summer >>>

Navy Blue and White Nails With Polka Dots and Stripes and cute bow pretty nail design

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Kate Upton - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012 Location: Cairns, Queensland, Australia, Shangri-La Hotel Swimsuit: Swimsuit by Elizabeth Southwood for Sauvage Swimwear Photographed by: Walter Iooss Jr.

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Moeva London Maillot Une Pièce Avec Découpes & Bijoux Or - Linda

Nail art - blue color. See the 10 tips for the stunning summer nails >>>

Nail Art Favorites by Orlando Makeup Artist. Gradient nails are very fashionable. Pick out five colors in the same family and paint each nail a different color. Start on one side and start with with lightest shades and end with the darkest shades.

Red nails with red lipstick.

The color red is used to symbolized passion, fire and beauty. Deliha's colour is red. Her nails red.