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two pictures with words on them that say, i know there's better brothers but you're the only one that's mine
the words are written in black and white on a paper sheet that says, this is my brother and i need a shovel to love him
home is the first grave. #fyp #poetry #poetrytok #poetrytiktok #foryou... | TikTok
an image of a river with trees in the background and a caption that reads,'regulus and sirius are fast walkers, especially when they are together none of their friends can keep up
regulus and sirius black
two people standing in the water with their backs to each other, one person wearing swim trunks
regulus black
a woman holding a guitar with wine glasses in the background
regulus and barty
a person standing in the middle of a field with a sign that says, everytime i remember that sirius tears apart
regulus and sirius black
starcrossed || regulus black
starcrossed || regulus black
a woman wearing a leather jacket holding a coffee cup
a castle seen through the window of a train at sunset or sunrise, with trees and mountains in the background
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