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a spiral staircase in an old stone building
Next floor: Middle Age by Cyril FONTAINE / 500px
Château de Blois, France. Photograph Next floor: Middle Age by Cyril Fontaine on 500px
an open door leading to another room with peeling paint
Dundas Castle is an amazing piece of abandoned American history [736x1106]
Dundas Castle is an amazing piece of abandoned American history [736x1106]
a very unusual house made out of plants and water spouting from the roof
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Hotel La Montana Magica, Huilo, Chile
a person walking down a cobblestone road in front of a castle
Fun facts: The center of this castle was built in 1290. To put that into perspective: That's exactly 200 years before Christopher Columbus first set foot on American ground. It was never destroyed and has remained in the possession of the original family since day one. Pretty crazy to think about.
an old house with stained glass windows and wooden staircase leading up to the second floor
The abandoned "Villa Albanaise" in Belgium. Love the stained glass!
an old brick building on the side of a road with a sign in front of it
This 1000-year-old Ancient Ram Inn is haunted by talking cats, witches, and evil gateways. Follow the ley line from the stone Stonehenge and it'll lead you straight to the Inn.
an old castle sitting on top of a lake surrounded by trees and bushes covered in snow
Exploring the Hauntingly Beautiful Interior of an Abandoned Castle - I Love Halloween
Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, is a castle at the town of Les Trois-Moutiers in the Poitou-Charentes region of France.
an old abandoned house in the woods
At the bottom of a shadowy lane, the little house still stands, although, long since abandoned. Over the years it has gained a spooky reputation. People unfortunate enough to have to pass by, especially at night, report hearing strange voices and even stranger music coming from inside, and gaslights have been seen burning on dark, winter nights. Shadowy figures often appear standing at, or looking out from behind dark windows, watching the passers-by. And yet, no living being occupies the house…