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Andrea Dworkin
a man laying on top of a bed with his mouth open and tongue hanging out
Make Your Day
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an orange and pink background with the words note to media yes, infattion did hit a 40 year high but corporate profits hit a 70 year high
an image with the words there are almost 3, 000 gods being worshiped by humanity but don't worry, only yours is right
The Spence (@adambspencer) / Twitter
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Tuesday Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics
the tweets are all in different languages
a tweet that is in the dark with an image of a person on it
the tweet is posted to someone on twitter about their child's birth
a tweet with an image of a woman on the front and back of it
the tweet is being posted to someone on their twitter account, and it looks like they're getting bored
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